Everyone has a story furled by experience and imagination.  My passion for music and literature has allowed me to find a ‘voice’ to create songs and stories that inspire.  It is a creative journey that actually chose me and implored me to embrace it.  Singing for my supper has honored me to work with major artists, to sing on great films & tv scores, and to travel the world for many years.  With the foundation of the gospel and its music, I’ve also embraced jazz, R&B, and popular music stylings to find my own personal and unique blend.  I hope you enjoy these offerings!

Healing Book, Spiritual Book, Must read book

SIENNA and the PENDANT of POWER now available on Archway books, AMAZON, barnes & noble 


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 To create and produce songs and stories whose messages touch hearts,  are my highest goal and greatest joy."

Phyllis St. James (aka Eyvonne Williams)