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MARM Gospel Concert

Victory Church, 1497 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA


Takamori Christ Church

Takamori Christ Church, Takamori, Japan



Nakatsu Senjo Church

Nakatsu Senjo Church, Nakatsu, Japan


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"Life is layered with stories of experience and imagination. My career as a singer has honored me to work with celebrities and travel the world.  From this side view, I have witnessed incredible behavior in people, from miracles of love to encounters with death.  I waded through the sixties’ protests in Berkeley, California, witnessed Papa Doc’s cruelty in Haiti, entertained troops during the Vietnam war, touched the wailing wall in Jerusalem, and survived this modern age as an artist by living in a humble garage.  Through these experiences I have received resounding lessons and quiet blessings. By listening to the voice of God and allowing my voice to be born, I have discovered passion and purpose for living.  To create and produce songs and stories whose messages inspire and enlighten is my greatest joy."

 Eyvonne Williams (aka Phyllis St.James)



Maya Angelou inspired me to tell my unique story and to create! 

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