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Discography 1972-2020

Listed under Phyllis St. James, Phyllis Yvonne Williams, Yvonne Williams, and Eyvonne Williams

LD = Lead Vocal;  WR = Writer;  BV = Background Vocals;  PER = Percussion

Artist Title Year Part Label
30 Seconds To Mars I Walk On Water, Great Wide Open, Live Like A Dream  2017 BV CD/IGA 
Soundtrack -  Zimmer, Hans    Prince of Egypt *Burning Bush, The   BV  
Soundtrack -  Zimmer, Hans    Prince of Egypt *Reprimand, The   BV  
Aguilera, Christina The Voice Within 2002 BV CD/ RCA
Air Supply Now And Forever 2010 BV CD
Albright, Gerald *Dream Come True 1990 BV CD
Albright, Gerald *Very Best of Gerald Albright 2001 BV CD
Ambrosia Drink Of Water 1976 BV LP
Apollonia ≈Apollonia 1988 BV LP/ Warner Bros
Atantic, Starr As The Band Turns 1985 BV LP/ A&M
Atantic, Starr *Ultimate Collection 2000 BV CD/ Hip-O
Axelrod, David Requiem For The Holocaust 1993 LV Capitol/Liberty
Ayala, Bob Rescued 1986 BV LP
Bakula, Scott Somewhere In The Night 1994 BV GNP/Crescendo
BeeGees *Tales From The Brothers Gibb, A History in Song 1967-1990 1990 BV Polydor
Benatar, Pat *≈Seven The Hard Way 1986 BV LP/ Chrysalis
Benatar, Pat *Best Shots   BV LP/ Chrysalis
Benatar, Pat *Painted Desert (SGLE)   BV  
Benatar, Pat *Premium Gold Collection   BV  
Benetar, Pat *Wide Awake In Dreamland 1988 BV CD
Benetar, Pat *Tropico/ Seven the Hard Way 1999 BV CD
Benetar, Pat *We Belong (SGLE)   BV  
Benetar, Pat *Synchronistic Wanderings   BV  
Bellion, Joe Hand Of God 2015 BV CD/Capitol
Bolton, Michael *Timeless-The Classics Vol.2 2005 BV Sony
Bolton, Michael *Timeless-The Classics 1992 BV Columbia
Brandy *Never Say Never 1994 BV CD
Brandy *Boy Is Mine (SGLE)   BV CD
Brandy *The Best of Brandy   BV CD
Braun, Rick *Kisses In The Rain 2001 BV CD/ WB
Braun, Rick/Boney James *Shake It Up 2000 BV CD/ WB
Brown, Ron In The Spirit 2001 LV CD/Noteworthy
Bryson, Peabo *Through The Fire 1994 BV CD
Bryson, Peabo *Super Hits   BV CD
Butler, Jonathan Story Of Life 1998 BV CD
Butler, Jonathan *Do You Love Me? 1997 BV  
Carn, Jean Sweet And Wonderful 1981 WR LP/ Arista
Carn, Jean When I Find You/ Sweet & Wondersul 2005 WR CD
Cassidy, David Rock Me Baby 1990 BV CD
Charles, Ray My World 1993 BV CD/Warner Bros
Caymmi, Dori Brasilian Serenata 1991 BV Qwest
Cherrelle Fragile 1984 BV Tabu
Cissel, Chuck If I Had The Chance 1982 BV LP/ Arista
Clark, Paul Aim For The Heart 1980 BV Seed Records
Clark, Paul Out Of A Shadow 1984 BV LP/ Myrrh
Clay, Aiken Bridge Over Troubled Water 2003 BV RCA
Clifford, Linda Sneaking Out 1984 BV Red Label
Clouseau   1993 BV CD
Coll, Pat Steps 1990 BV CD
Commodores Commodores 13 1983 BV LP/ Motown
Conners, Norman Mr.C 1981 BV LP/ Arista
Connors, Norman Take It To The Limit 1982 WR LP/ Arista
Connors, Norman The Very Best Of Norman Connors 2010 WR CD
Coomes, Tommy Love Is The Key 1981 BV LP
Correll, Denny Something I Believe In 1982 BV LP
Crawford, Michael   1995 BV Atlantic 
Crawford, Randy Raw Silk 1978 BV/ PER LP/ Warner
Crawford, Randy Secret Combination 1981 BV LP/ Warner
Crawford, Randy The Best of Randy Crawford & Friends 2000 BV WEA
Crawford, Randy Hits 2002 BV CD
Crawford, Randy *The Collection   BV  
Crouch, Andrae Just Andrae 1972 BV LP/ Light
Crouch, Andrae This Is Another Day 1976 BV LP/ Light
Crouch, Andrae I'll Be Thinking Of You 1979 BV LP/Elecktra/Light
Crouch, Andrae Don't Give Up 1981 BV LP/Warner
Crouch, Andrae Finally 1982 BV Elecktra/ Light
Crouch, Andrae No Time To Lose 1984 BV LP/Light
Crouch, Andrae Mercy 1994 BV CD/ Quest
Crouch, Andrae Pray 1997 BV CD/ Warner/ Quest
Crouch, Andrae Gift of Christmas 1998 BV Qwest
Crouch, Andrae Gospel Around The World 2003 BV CD/ MEP
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) More of The Best 1981 BV LP/ Elecktra/ Light
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) Autograph 1986 BV LP/Light
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) Vol. I The Classics 1990 BV CD/Royal Music
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) Vol. II We Sing Praises 1990 BV CD/Royal Music
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) Vol. III The Comtemporary Man 1990 BV CD/Royal Music
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) Let's Worship Him 1993 BV CD/Arrical
Crouch, Andrae (Compliations) The Collection 2003 BV CD/MEP
Crouch, Andrae & Dis Take Me Back 1975 BV LP/Light
Crouch, Andrae & Dis Live In London 1978 BV LP/Light
Crouch, Sondra & Fri We Sing Praises 1983 BV LP
Cummings, Burton My Own Way To Rock 1977 BV/ PER LP/ Portrait
Cummings, Burton Dream Of A Child 1978 BV LP
Dannie Bells, The  Makin' THe Most Of Today 1969 GRP LP
Davis, Martha Policy 1987 BV LP
Dayne, Taylor Stand 1998 BV CD
DeBarge, Chico Chico De Baege 1986 BV LP/ Motown
Del Lords, The Johnny Comes Marching Home 1986 BV EMI America
Dion, Celine   2000 BV CD/ Sony
Dion, Celine *New Day Has Come 2002 BV CD/ Sony
Doobie Brothers Sibling Rivalry 2000 BV Pyramid
Doobie Brothers *Higher Ground 2000 FV CD
Doobie Brothers *Don't Be Afraid      
Doobie Brothers *Can't Stand to Lose (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *Jericho (Single)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *On Every Corner (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *Ordinary Man (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *People Gotta Love Again (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *Leave My Heatache Behind (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *45th Floor (SGLE)   BV  
Doobie Brothers *Angels of Madness (SGLE)   BV  
Doumani, Brenda Brenda Doumani 1998 BV Direct Music Group
Duncan, Bryan Strong Medicine 1989 BV CD
Dyer, Ada Meant To Be 1988 BV LP
Fall Out Boy *Infinity On High   BV  
Fantasia *Free Yourself 2005 BV CD
Feelabeelia East To West 1985 BV LP
Franklin, Rodney Rodney Franklin 1980 BV/PER LP/ CBS
Franklin, Rodney You'll Never Know 1980 LV/WR LP/ CBS
Franklin, Rodney Endless Flight 1981 LV/WR LP/ CBS
Franklin, Rodney Learning To Love 1982 BV CD
Franklin, Rodney Skydance 1985 BV CD
Friend, Rodney Don't Lose Sight 1988 BV CD
Front, The The Front 1985 BV LP
Gabriel, Ana En Vivo 1990 BV CD
Garrett, Lannie Doubleback 2003 BV Lannie Garrett
Gulbrandsen, Kate The Beauty And The Beat 1987 BV LP/DDD
Hamilton, Dirk Alias I 1977   ABC Records
Hawkins, Ronnie The Hawk 1979 BV LP
High Inergy So Right 1982 BV LP/Gordy
Houston, Whitney *Greatest Hits   BV  
Houston, Whitney *Whitney Houston   BV CD
Hurt *Volume II   BV CD/Capitol
Jackson 5 Triumph (Expanded Edition) 1980 BV LP
Jackson 5 *Very Best of the Jacksons, The 1998 BV CD
Jackson, Michael *Dangerous 1993 BV CD/ Sony
Jackson, Michael History 1994 BV CD/ Sony
Jackson, Michael *Invincible   BV CD/Sony
Jackson, Michael Speechless 2001 BV CD/ Sony
Jacksons, The Can You Feel It 1980 BV The Triumph
Jacksons, The *Triumph/ Destiny 2009 BV CD
Jacksons, The *Best Remixes   BV  
James, Boney Backbone (Trust) 1994 FV CD/ Warner Bros
James, Boney Shake It Up 2000 BV CD/Warner Bros
Jaoson & The Scorchers Still Standing 1986 BV LP
Jarreau, Al *Tomorrow Today 2000 BV CD/ Warner Bros
Jimbo, Akira Palette 1989 LV CD
Jimbo, Akira Penguin Parasol 1992 LV CD
Jimbo, Akira Lime Pie 1993 LV Kazu
John, Sir Elton *Lion King (Soundtrack) 1992 BV CD/ Disney
Jones Girls, The Get As Much Love As You Can 1981 WR LP
Kadomatsu, Toshiki Weekend Fly To The Sun 1986 BV CD
Kawai, Naoko Daydream Coast 1984 BV LP
Keating, Ronan *Ronan   BV  
Kimball, Bobby Rise Up 1994 BV CD
King, Carol A Holiday Carole 2011 BV CD
Klemmer, John Magnificent Madress 1980 BV LP/ Elecktra
Koz, Dave *Lucky Man 1993 BV CD
Kyoto Jazz Massice Endless Flight 2006 WR CD/Compost
Larcon, Christa   1991 BV CD
Lawrence, Joey Soulmates 1997 BV Curb
Legal, Weapon Life Sentence to Loce 1988 BV LP
Lewis, Crystal Joy 1989 BV CD/ Frontline
Little Richard *Shake It All About 1992 BV CD/ Disney
Loggins, Kenny High Adventrue 1982 BV LP
Loggins, Kenny Essential Kenny Loggins 2002 BV CD
Lovland, Rolf Typesk Lovland 1992 BV CD
M, Lebo *Circle of Life (SGLE)   BV  
Malloy, Mitch Mitch Malloy 1992 BV RCA
Manllow, Barry Here At The Mayflower 2001 BV CD/ Concord
Marlo, Clair Let It Go 1989 BV CD
Matsui, Keiko Under Nothern Lights 1989 LV CD
Matsui, Keiko Cherry Blossom 1992 LV CD
McClendon, Debbie Count It All Joy 1987 BV LP
Mendes, Ssergio Arara 1989 BV CD
Mitchell, Vernessa Higher Ground 1988 BV Command Records
Motley Crue *Girls, Girls, Girls 1987 BV LP/ Elecktra
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood   BV LP/ Polar
Newman, Randy Best of Randy Newman 2001 BV Rhino
Newman, Randy *Guilty:  30 Years of Randy Newman 1995 BV  
Newton-John, Olivia *Totally Hot 1978 BV LP
Newton-John, Olivia *Back To Basics (Essential Collection)   BV  
Newton-John, Olivia *Back To Basics The Essential Collection   BV  
Newton-John, Olivia *Best of Olivia Newton-John   BV  
Newton-John, Olivia *Definitive Collection, The   BV  
Newton-John, Olivia *Greatest Hits   BV  
Newton, Juice Can't Wait All Night 1984 BV CD
Odegard, Elisabeth Soon 1988 BV CD
Page, Gene Love Starts After Dark 1980 LV LP
Paldi, Randi You Fell Out of a Dream; Energy; L.A. Town Affair before 1988 BV Ripe Records
Patitucci, John On The Corner 1989 BV LP/GRP
Pausini, Laura From The Inside 2002 Original   2008 BV EastWest
Peeples, Nia Nia Peeples 1991 BV Charisma
Pendegrass, Teddy Truly Blessed 1990 BV CD
Pendegrass, Teddy You And I 1997 BV Surefire
Peniston, Ce Ce *Essential   BV  
Peniston, Ce Ce *Finally   BV  
Perry, Katy Pendulum 2017 BV CD/Capitol 
Pillar, Michele Love Makes All Difference 1991 BV CD
Pink Floyd *Momentary Lapse In Reason 1987 BV LP/EMI
Pink Floyd Shine On 1992 BV CD/Columbia
Pink Floyd *Echoes-The Best Of Pink Floyd 2001 BV CD/EMI
Pink Floyd Oh By The Way 2007 BV CD/EMI
Pink Floyd Discovery 2011 BV CD
Power Of Seven Up-Front 1992 LV CD/ Sheffield
Preston, Billy Late At Night 1979 BV LP/Motown/EMI
Pure Sugar Pure Sugar  (Good Times) 1998 BV CD/Geffen
Radford, Gordan A Moment In Time 1986 LV LP
Richie, Lionel *Can't Slow Down 1983 BV LP/Motown
Richie, Lionel *Dancing On The Ceiling 1986 BV LP/Motown
Richie, Lionel Time 1998 BV CD
Richie, Lionel *Back To Front (Best)   BV  
Richie, Lionel *Truly-The Love Songs   BV  
Ridgway, Stan Songs That Made This Country Great 1992 BV IRS
Robertson, Robbie *Robbie Robertson 1987 BV CD
Rocco, Vincent Hell or Highwater 1992 BV Elektra
Rodgers, Michael I Got Love 1989 BV CD
Russ, Tim Tim Russ 2000 BV GNP/Crescendo
Seasame Street One Small Voice 1997   Sony
S.O.S. Band On The Rise 1983 BV LP
Scaggs, Boz *Down Two Then Left 1977 BV LP/Columbia
Scaggs, Boz Collection: Slow Dancer Silk Degrees 2004 BV CD
Scaggs, Boz *Boz The Ballade   BV  
Scaggs, Boz *Here's the Low Down   BV  
Schurr, Diane Midnight 2003 BV CD/Concord Jazz
Schwartz, David Shot By Love; Bang Bang;    Get Away 2013 BV Varèse Sarabande Records
Scott, Tom We'll Be Together 1995 BV GRP Records
Siegal, Dan Late One Night 1989 BV CD
Silk Silk 1988 BV CD
Smith, Howard Seasons Change            (Totally Committed) 1985 BV LP/ Light      Ears2 Hear Music
Smith, O.C. Love Changes 1982 BV LP
Solis, Marco Antonio *Trozos De Mi Alama Vol.2   BV  
St James, Phyllis  Get Happy 1973 LV Playboy
St. James One World Under God 1986 LV LP/ TP
St. James, Phyllis Ain't No Turnin' Back 1984 LV LP/ Motown
St. James, Phyllis (Compilations) Black Magic (Candlelight Afternoon) 1985 LV/WR LD/kerberos
St. James, Phyllis (Compilations) Funky Collector-Volume13 2001 LV/WR CD/Airplay
St. James, Phyllis (Compilations) Funky Vibers Sel.-Volume2 2005 LV/WR Rabza (unofficial)
St. James, Phyllis (Compilations) Disco Giants (Candlelight Afternoon) 2007 LV/WR CD/PTG Records
Stewart, Rod Human 1995 Original        2000/ 2011 BV CD/ Warner Bros  Atlantic
Streisand, Barbara Holy Ground 1998 BV CD
Stubbins, Rubin     BV CD
Styles, Harry Sign Of The Tomes 2016 BV CD/Columbia
Taylor, Gary Compassion 1988 BV CD
Tepper, Robert Modern Madness 1988 BV CD
Thomas, B.J. Back Against The Wall 1992 BV CD
Toto *Past To Present 1977-90 1990 BV CD/Columbia
Toto Rock Box 2011 BV CD
Twista *Kamikaze 2004 BV  
Tyler, Bonnie Straight From The Heart 1995 BV CD
Tyler, Bonnie Free Spirit 196 BV Atlantic
U2 *Rattle And Hum 1988 BV LP
U2 *Best of 1980-1990 1991 BV  
Valentin, Dave Pied Piper 1981 WR LP/GRP
Vanity Skin To Skin 1986 BV LP/Motown
Various Disco Promozionale--Take It To The Limit 1980 WR LP/Arista (Italy)
Various Rock Train Kept a Rollin' 1999 BV CD
Various 03 Groove 80--Take It To The Limit 2008 WR Universal (Italy)
Various 04 Groove 80 (Candlelight Afternoon) 2009 LV/WR CD/Universal (Italy)
Various Nighttime Lovers Volume 11 2009 LV/WR CD/PTG Records
Various Artists Tatsuro-Songs From L.A. 1990 BV CD
Various Artists Sold-Out: Our Commitment Is Clear 1991 BV CD/Benson
Various Artists Usual Suspect, The 1991 BV Sheffield Lab
Various Artists Goody's 1992 LV CD
Various Artists Love Stories 1992 BV CD
Various Artists Love Stories 2 1993 BV CD
Various Artists Sheffield Christmas Col. 1993 BV CD
Various Artists Peter Gabriel Project, The 2000 BV CD
Warley, Steve Steve Warley 1982 BV LP
Warrant Dog Eat Dog 1992 BV Columbia
Washington, Donna For The Sake Of Love 1980 BV LP/Capital
Weber, Andrew Lloyd Listen 2015 BV Broadway
Wells, Mary In And Out Of Love 1981 BV Lp/Epic
What If What If 1987 BV LP
When In Rome **When In Rome 1988 BV LP/Virgin
Williams, Yvonne Back To Innocence 1995 LV CD/ ant
Williams, Yvonne Hymns For All Seasons 1998 LV CD/ ant
Williams, Yvonne As The Bird Sings 2000 LV CD/ ant
Williams, Yvonne They Were You 2001 LV CD/ ant
Wilson, Carl Young Blood 1984 BV LP
Wilson. Nancy Nancy Now 1985 BV LP
Winans, Daniel Brotherly Love 1989 BV CD/Rejoice
Winter Blue, The Winter Blue 1991 BV CD
Woods, Stevie Woman In My Life, The 1982 BV LP/Ariola
Young, Paul Other Voices 1990 BV CD/Columbia
Yuki Fly Away 1991 BV CD
Zuma II Zuma II 1987 BV LP