off camera

13 Bourbon Street, Solo

A Merry Motown Christmas

Ally McBeal: Boy Next Door

America's Funniest People

American idol - Bay City Blues

Boston Public, Solo (Main Title)

Bump In The Night

Candid Camera -  Madame C.J. Walker

Dark Angel, Solo - Drive, Solo


The Emmys (Backstage Vocal Ensemble)

Earth 2, Solo (Main Title)

Fresh Prince of Belair - The Good Wife, Solo

Hunter: The Last Kill - I'll Fly Away, Solo & Group

In The Heat of the Night

Jamie Foxx Show, The: East Side Story, Solo

Man & Machine - Married With Children

Misery Brothers - Night Stand, Solo 

Quantum Leap - Roseanne


Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Solo & Group (Main Title)

Simpsons, The: Sweet Seymour Skinner's

Snowden On Ice - Sonny Spoon - South Beach

The Torkelson's

Touched By An Angel: Shallow Water Part 1 & 2

Tough Guys - Walker Texas Ranger, Solo

Who's The Boss




 All performances are ensemble vocals unless otherwise noted