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The recipes in 1987's Musical Menus cookbook will debut on YouTube in the coming weeks. These recipes evolve from songs.  And in some cases certain songs are born from the activity of creating the recipes.  Often when I’m writing music there arise moments when that special idea just won’t come; that’s the time to take a leisurely break to allow the creative juices to relax, and to allow the release and flow of new energy.  Those moments usually bring on the “munchies” attack and subsequently a desire to cook.  So I move on into the kitchen and begin humming over the stove, tossing ingredients together that complements the mood.  Sometimes I’m unaware that I’m actually creating melody; and before I realize it, the very idea which I had been searching suddenly emerges.  Voilà!!  What a wonderful combination, a melody and a meal.  You can truly understand that these recipes are full of joy, quite unique and are indeed musical, hence our concept “MUSICAL MENUS”

Join us as we SING FOR OUR SUPPER!

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